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Maine Identity Theft Insurance

Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft insurance policies protect you, your family and your business from a broad range of potential identity hazards you face in your day-to-day operation.

Millions of people have been subject to identity theft. Protect your most valuable asset for a lot less than you might think.

Identity theft insurance covers the related and often significant costs for restoring the integrity of personal identities and credit standings.

Recovery expenses can include long-distance phone bills, lost wages, certified mailing costs and attorney fees incurred to identify and resolve the identity theft.

Also eligible are the costs of a fraud specialist who assists and guides policyholders through the process of restoring their personal and financial identity. Otherwise, identity theft victims can suffer for months trying to correct their credit records.

Innocent consumers have been rejected for loans, experienced hardships in finding employment and failed to qualify for lower car insurance rates because of their tainted credit histories.

We recognize that each industry, corporate structure and culture carries its own set of challenges, which is why we believe in one-on-one consultations.

We will ask a broad range of questions about your business to better understand the risks you face as well as the assets you are looking to protect and offer clear advice in selecting a policy from a reputable and service oriented insurer.

Our approach is very different from what you may experience from a direct underwriter, especially one which provides quick quotes online.

We build close relationships with our clients to allow us to foresee their ever-changing needs.

Please give us a call for a free consultation.