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Maine Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is designed to protect you and your family and your contents from a broad range of potential hazards.

If you rent an apartment or a house, you are responsible for liability coverage and for insuring your personal belongings.

Liability coverage protects renters the same as it would if you were a homeowner.

The owner of the building is responsible for insuring the building and for obtaining their own liability insurance.

The tenants form, for renters, insures your household contents and personal belongings. It also provides additional living expense coverage and personal liability protection.

We recognize that each situation carries its own set of challenges, which is why we believe in one-on-one consultations.

We will ask a broad range of questions about your rental situation to better understand the risks you face as well as the assets you are looking to protect and offer clear advice in selecting a policy from a reputable and service oriented insurer.

Our approach is very different from what you may experience from a direct writer, especially one which provides quick quotes online.

We build close relationships with our clients to allow us to foresee their ever-changing needs.